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School Days

Welcome to a world
of dreams and aspirations

Creativity is the source of all things great. Every invention, design and story was birthed by an individual not shy to share the vision which laid in their mind, bursting to come to life!

Join us and the many competitions we have for a variety of ages! 

Prizes include getting your creative work published or artworks exhibited in a gallery!

School Children




How to get involved

We accept entries from all children across England and Wales.

Whether you are submitting from school, as a teacher, as a parent or as the child themselves (with permission and consent, of course!), we encourage everyone to get involved! 

Let those creative fingers flow, whether it's writing or drawing, we have you covered! Have fun bringing your thoughts to life knowing that your works will be cherished and shared with those who appreciate a piece of your amazing brain! You never know, your works could be life changing one day!


Of our Creative Chief Officer, Kadii Hamilton

Book Published!

Desire to be an author

Not being

Wrote a story

Our Chief Creative Officer, Kadii Hamilton at aged 8 decided she wanted to be a published author.

After spending time writing a story, she decided to undertake the journey of publications without adult assistance.

Highs and lows were met. She experienced resistance from lack adults believing in her when it came to professional services.

12 months later, Kadii achieved her goal! Her first published book!

Helping others

Realising that others may experience the same hurdles, Kadii decided to ambassador Desire 2 Aspire to help others realise their full potential too!

"If I can do it, then it
can be done!"

- Kadii Hamilton, aged 9




Too old to enter but still want to support us? Sponsor options available here:

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