EXPANSION: First Day at the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia!

After weeks of anticipation, from the girls and the new wave of mentors, Desire to Aspire began its first official day at the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia!

Isn’t expansion beautiful?

In order to get the mentees and mentors aquainted, we needed icebreakers. (Cross the Line and Simon Says really got the girls talking!) Our favorite activity of the day, however, was Hobby Huddle.



1. The group sits in a circle.
2. The starter introduces themself and states their favorite hobby (sports, talking to friends, etc.)
3. The second person must repeat the first person’s name and hobby, then add their own.


4. The third person then repeats the first and second’s name and hobby.


5. Repeat until the last person in the circle has recalled every person’s name and hobby.

Tricky, right?

Test your own memory and play Hobby Huddle with your friends! You can use this activity to discover new and interesting things about your peers.

Keep aspiring,
The Desire to Aspire Team