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+ What is the purpose of Desire to Aspire?

The mission of Desire to Aspire is to enrich the lives of underprivileged and minority girls and women. We instill in young ladies the importance of higher education, sisterhood, etiquette, culture and service -- all while building self-esteem and character. We teach young ladies good decision-making skills in order to avoid high-risk behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and violence. We also provide educational services and resources for women to ensure that they lead successful careers and healthy lives, socially, emotionally, and physically. For more information on D2A's purpose, please watch the message from our founder.

+ What do the girls do in this program?

The girls have an opportunity to meet professionals in their prospective career fields, engage in several seminars, learn about self-worth and respect all while having fun and learning how to effectively communicate with their peers. If you have any suggestion on activities or themes you would like to see implemented, please do not hesitate to contact us or take our survey.

+ Are you saying there's something wrong with my child? Or I need help?

Of course not! Desire to Aspire is a tool in which girls and women can utilize to help traverse the many obstacles of life. We are here to provide an outlet, and to help them learn and gain skills applicable to an array of life situations. Desire to Aspire is a resource for children, and parents which serves as reinforcement for the lessons you teach them at home.

+ How much does this program cost, per person?

Desire to Aspire is a non-profit organization, therefore all of our services are of no cost to children and women. Our girls and women are able to enjoy many of the activities due to the graciousness of our sponsors and contributors.

+ How does Desire to Aspire stay afloat in such harsh economic times?

Desire to Aspire is kept afloat by our great supporters, sponsors and contributors. If your heart compels you to donate, even just a dollar, please do; we would really appreciate it. Want to find other ways to become a part of the D2A family? Be sure to contact us and we will find a way to use your expertise and knowledge.