Lit Box

Desire to Aspire in collaboration with Thomas L. E. Stovall


Our Story

It has been well-said that "reading is fundamental." The act and discipline of reading is of central importance because reading develops minds, refines perspectives, and stimulates the imagination. Reading is fundamental for education, professional decisions, and everyday living. The availability of books and the act of reading must be a part of our daily routine so that children and adults can continue to sharpen their minds.

Sadly, the statistics shows that low levels of literacy has affected Chicagoland communities and households. According to the Chicago Literacy Alliance, (1) An estimated 882,000, or 30%, of adults in Chicago have low basic literacy skills and would benefit from adult literacy and/or adult basic education services; (2) 39% of Chicago’s public school students do not meet or exceed reading standards; and (3) 61% of low-income households do not own any children’s books. These are sobering numbers. That should call parents, teachers, family members, political representatives, and communities to address these numbers. And we are ready to lead the charge.

Stacy A. Stewart, Founder & CEO of Desire to Aspire, in collaboration with Thomas L. E. Stovall, a Southside Minister and community advocate, proudly introduce the Desire to Aspire "Lit Box" to promote literacy and community. Through this program books will now be available to children and adults throughout the Chicagoland communities. Stephen King once said, "Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Through strategic partnerships with local and national partners, the magic of books are portable and available. It is our hope that literacy will be promoted and communities will be strengthened.

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