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morgan a. brown

Seeing the girls every week and seeing them grow is amazing.



alexus butts

Desire to Aspire is a wonderful mentoring organization. My Wednesday's were always the best day out of the week, because that's when we got a chance to spend time with and mentor our girls. We always made sure that the girls got a good message out of whatever activities we did with them. I think I enjoy mentoring the girls so much because I did not have a mentor when I was their age. Its very important that we build our girls up to be the best women they can be.



Shantoya Wiley

Our mentees have really grown over the course of these months. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They have opened up more and really started to respect themselves and each other.



asia bryant

I love working with the girls. It’s a really great experience!



alexis leonard

I will continue D2A because I love the girls we mentor.



maya valentine

Ever since being a part of D2A, I have enjoyed my Wednesday’s. The entire day runs smoothly knowing that I will be returning to the school and working to build a group of girls' stability in educational and even emotional ways.